Litigation Services

Litigation Services

Family is so important. We love them, we raise them, and we watch them raise their own families.  There may even come a time when we ultimately have to depend on them for our own well-being. When that time comes, we trust they will do right by us, and offer the same love and compassion with which we served them.

If that turns out not to be the case. If a loved one has failed in the relationship of caregiving, neglected, or abused you in any way. If a caregiver has taken advantage of your vulnerability, mishandled your finances, and broken the bonds of trust – you do have recourse.

Elder Law Litigation is on the rise. But little has been publicized about it, and from what we see in probate courts around the country, little is understood.

Generally speaking, these are cases in which the person/persons, whose resources or daily care are the subject of the dispute are alive, but may suffer from cognitive impairment and, as a result, are unable to control their own situations. These are cases that place the ambiguous legal theories of “capacity” and “undue influence” on an even more unfathomable and enigmatic background of personalities and family dynamics.

The Elder Law Firm of Andrew Olsen knows your rights. We will treat your situation with dignity and compassion. We offer Litigation in the following areas of law: Elder Abuse, Guardianship, Special Education, Will Caveats, Financial Exploitation, and Fiduciary Litigation.