DAK Americas LLC Pension Plan Litigation

Please contact our office if you have received a demand for a repayment or a payment adjustment from Transamerica based on a lump sum pension payment from the DAK Americas LLC Pension Plan.

Elder Law Firm is assisting employees who retired from DAK Americas, LLC  and:

  • Opted for a lump sum payment from the DAK Americas LLC Pension Plan
  • Received a letter from Transamerica Retirement Solutions demanding repayment or decreasing the lump sum due to an “overpayment”

In many cases, the lump sum decrease is significant.  Our attorneys are investigating and working on this issue to help DAK retirees who have a lump sum payment dispute with Transamerica.

There are administrative appeals deadlines and possible tax consequences for anyone who wants to pursue this issue. DAK retirees should seek advice as soon as possible.